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Day cream, night cream: what is the difference and what are the benefits?

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Day cream, night cream… Is there a real difference between these two treatments? Taking care of your skin is essential to maintain your youthfulness, and since the skin does not have the same needs during the day and at night, you have to know to adapt its creams according to the time of day.

Day cream to protect and hydrate

The day cream, as its name suggests, is applied in the morning and is primarily used to protect the skin from the aggressions it will encounter during the day. Between pollution, sometimes extreme weather, dust, tobacco or friction, the skin of the face can be put to the test. However, the day cream will strengthen the skin's shield function, by supporting the hydrolipidic film (the film made up of water and lipids, which covers and protects the skin) and will therefore limit the damage of free radicals which contribute to the acceleration of skin ageing.

In addition, the day cream hydrates and provides agents adapted to the type of skin to prevent tightness, redness, the irritations. In general, day creams have a relatively fine texture to allow the good hold of makeup during the day and to prevent the skin from shining during the day. the day.

Result: Beautiful deeply hydrated skin less prone to irritation and external aggressions.

The night cream to regenerate

To be applied at bedtime after thoroughly cleansing your face, the night cream aims to regenerate the skin during sleep. It is a moisturizer, just like the day cream, but it provides a more intense moisturizing action.

Because the night is the best time for cell renewal (during the night the skin is activated up to three times more than during the day to renew itself), the night cream will promote this renewal cycle by providing essential nutrients for its repair. Thus, the night cream is often richer in water, fatty agents and nourishing and repairing active ingredients. Some night creams also contain active ingredients for the beauty of the skin: detoxifying, nourishing, anti-aging, etc.

Result: Skin soothed, detoxified and recharged with energy on waking.

Why have a day cream and a night cream?

You will have understood that the day cream and the night cream have completely complementary actions.

However, with a day cream only, the skin can quickly become dry due to a lack of lipids. It will not have the sufficient source, provided by the night cream.

Conversely, the use of a night cream alone risks making the skin oily, with a treatment that is too rich for the day. This excess of lipids can lead to skin problems, and hinder the hold of makeup. In addition, night care products are not designed to offer a “shield” action, and the skin risks being less well protected during the day.

For optimal results, it is therefore recommended to use both creams and respect their time of application. In this way, you guarantee your skin good protection for the day, and a real regenerating "bath" at night.

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